The articles prepared for the meeting contributed

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Excellent in the process of systematizing the results and methods of education popular. However, many remains to be done. The discussion in the meeting did not go beyond what was stated sex pics in those documents. At the meeting there was no explicit attempt to bestxxxpics site identify areas future research even though this was one of the expected results. However, several of them can be deduced from the discussion and/ or articles. There are, for example, serious gaps in the popular education of xxx workers sex urban there is a lot of probing in systems and structures of knowledge popular. The role of religion and the church in education should be analyzed popular. Attention should be given to competitive roles and to different commitments of the agents of popular education. From the results of the meeting can be obtained few elements which serve as guidelines for action. Much attention was not given to the debate on best xxx pics the pedagogy of the popular education. During the discussion of the costs of specific experiences of popular education, these were not on the table, touching.

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